The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers to Purchase

Single serve coffee makers have been popular in the health food world for a while now. In the past they were only for large cities, but now you can get one in a college town and there are a lot of single serve coffee makers to choose from. Here are the best single serve coffee makers for you to pick from.

The Single Serve Coffee Makers in this list is basically the same as the double serve ones, just with a “cupping” cup. But I did not want to pigeonhole all of these single serve coffee makers, so I just chose a

The Olmstead Coffee Bag is a one-cup coffee maker, but there is no water to soak up in the machine. Instead, the user simply pours coffee into the hand crafted bag and takes the second cup with him. This machine is a very low profile and is perfect for students who want to go out and socialize in college, but do not want to drink an entire pot of coffee.

The Sunbeam Single Cup Coffee Makers are actually the most popular single serve coffee makers in the world. The machine has stainless steel interior that is easy to clean, no drip tray, and the hot drink works very well. I personally prefer the pre-scooped, drip tray, but the Coffee Bag version is popular and you should get one if you like it.

The Twin Twisters Dual Bottom Coffee Makers is really unique in the sense that you get two ceramic coffee pots, one for hot, one for cold drink. The two pots can be easily popped into the machine, and the machine heats the water evenly so you don’t have to worry about uneven heat.

The Blue Bottle Single Serve Coffee Makers is the highest priced coffeemakers in the market. However, the machine works very well, and they really make the most excellent cup of coffee that you could possibly have. The coffee comes out of the machine nice and clean, and you can brew as many cups as you like in the time it takes to make a regular cup of coffee.

I have found that the best single serve coffee makers are not always the most expensive, and you can find them at a very low price if you are willing to do some investigating and looking. By purchasing a very well built single serve coffee maker like the Batts Single Serve Coffee Maker, you will be surprised at how well it will work for you.